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Sometimes SILENCE is better than any written or spoken word(s), any visual left up to interpretation... remains one of those times. The battle continues in earnest, all time consuming, all powerful with bloodshot eyes that sting with exhaustion, a symbol of the demise that continues to chip away piece by piece, no adhesive strong enough to prevent that which occurs internally and externally at an alarming pace.

Life goes on and a mourning begins as the truth no longer can hide itself but instead is obvious, too obvious, the excruciating pain causing exhaustion as it nestles in snug and lies down to slumber.

The mind, the body, the spirit too fragile to do the same.

Sadness abounds.

written for and behalf of the one called The WARRIOR


Blogger LeeAnn said...

Having struggled with my own illness, I haven't been here for quite awhile. My worst fears were realized when I discovered another has posted for Eric. I'm just commenting now to let Eric know he is still, and will continue to be, in my prayers. Prayers that now hope he won't suffer long. For I will always believe that God is, and will be, with him.

11:52 PM  
Blogger kj said...

eric, like leeann,i follow you too.


10:39 PM  

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