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California pow wow

I spoke with my Indian friends in Northern California the other night, picking up as we so often do, laughing and smiling under the toughest of circumstances, the saddest of news, the funniest of stories being shared in between the reality we all call life.

As it was upon our first meeting we spoke from the heart and the soul, connected many lifetimes ago, often completing one another's sentences as we have done before and will do again.

We learned something new about each other as we always do, time is invaluable, a precious commodity, something we always have for one another, whether it be in thought or in a conversation, it's there, it's realizing that excuses are easier than finding that time we know to be so desirable...

For the connection we have is spiritual, Serendipity in its' truest form, that shared from the heart creating a sense of worth, a belonging, a desire to see one another again to share, to laugh, to smile, to toast with the finest of ports, to be free and to love in person, a goal set, all the finite details... semantics.

Our 'Carnival Isn't Over', it has just begun...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was great, our talk..we miss you and are pulling for you!


12:41 PM  

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