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the skies above

I listen and watch as the passenger jets fly Northeast over my head, changing their route out of the Dallas Metro Area around the same time each night, me, mesmerized by their blinking lights, their sound, the one after another after another , bringing up thoughts to be upon one going somewhere and going fast
not thinking where, as anywhere would be fine. As there I would create the rules, taste freedom and savor its flavor and wonder where I would be taken next as long as Dallas was not on the horizon soon or later as my time is finished here as it was finished before I got here
was never an option as my life was and remains at stake but now, the same life I so worried about, I am ready to give up for my freedom, my space, people to talk with my own age that have stories to share and places to go and offerings in return of friendship and
pure love...


Anonymous Jordan said...

Dreaming of other places is a hobby of mine too. Reality is not always a place that I wish to dwell. Your blog is beautifully written and I enjoy reading your posts.

I always watch the planes in the morning on my way to work and wonder just where they are going and imagine that I too am taking a voyage to some place other than my car trudging to work.

8:41 PM  

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