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The power of Mother Nature has always fascinated me, possibly because we slept many a night in the basement while growing up as storms rumbled through. Each of us had our spot when awoken by our mother and told to go to the basement as we heard the sirens in the distance get louder and louder, the dark of night rumbling with the sound of thunder and the strikes of lightning.

Tonight I watched as a storm rolled through, even though the chances were slim and found myself mesmerized by the heat lightning that met a cold front, creating a combustion that rolled through as the radar turned red and the clouds headed in our direction, opening with a vengeance and all their might.

Upon passing after a half hour of rain, wind, thunder and lightning, I went outside and was caught by the brightness of the moon, what we had experienced now in the distance, the noises so accustomed to each and every night silent as I stared at a lone star and the remnants of the clouds trickling by at a very fast pace.

I sat and watched with my dog at my feet, expecting the noises of the night to return and they never did as the coyotes are yet to howl, the bugs drying their wings and not flying and the dogs that bark in the distance, silent. The smell, fresh and the slow drips from the gutters the only noise left to hear with the exception of the airplanes that fly a route parallel to Interstate 30, always wondering where they are headed and many a time wishing I too was aboard.

A cleanliness abounds, awaiting to bring in a new day and another something to look forward to, giving me an added will to continue to move forward on my journey, as difficult as it has become...


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